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Conditions in Ed Hardy Bikini

Conditions in Ed Hardy Bikini

The most sexy. Banlu this half cover the beauty of the temptation, people do not consciously think of psychology, "Qijianike effect", to enjoy the cloak room all to go out, leaving the body curve of endless imagination. As someone viciously Review: "Wearing a Ed Hardy Bikini is 'holding a sexy attack,'" It is no exaggeration, enough to make men look on big Penbi Xue. Wear and wear little more freedom in the hands of women. Put this attractive "weapon", would be enough to show the advantages of a woman to the end. Prepare to meet in a Ed Hardy Bikini on the conditions to meet its sunny weather to wear it. Keep going to the beauty, are a type of body may be relatively easier. If the meat of the body more relaxed, it is easy to let the visual expansion, feeling fat. Moreover, abdominal fat most easily brought to light a small, but the arm and thigh fat is nowhere to hide. Want to have to wear a Ed Hardy Bikini any time to exercise shaping, believe me, and not rely on dieting hard exercise is the body of a Ed Hardy Bikini can not be exchanged! Conditions a: symmetrical slender arm, upper arm circumference less, slightly biceps processes, showing the shoulder line core areas: the medial arm movements Commentary: hands folded, pushed forward, to the arms fully extended, palms forward, to keep still 4 to 8 seconds, relax back and do 10 to 20 times can make the arms inside the firm. Crossing the hands behind, and then forced his arms straight up, palms up, for 4 to 8 seconds, relax the back, doing 5 to 10 times. Of course, with small dumbbell to do flat, curl or "bird" will make hard-to-part exercise to become more compact, the shape of the arm helps to win the Ed Hardy Bikini conditions. The second condition: the chest full upright, but more concentrated, you can faintly see the cleavage core areas: the pectoral muscle action explanation: usually, leisure and find a wall or vertical side of the closet can be quite the action, can play a very good pectoralis major stretch effect. Lunge was standing right help at the wall, the left hand drooping naturally, abdomen and chest, lower jaw slightly closed, as forward elongation chest, back muscles to tighten, right hand position remains unchanged. Maintain the three breath slowly relaxed, and then change direction to do the other side. Breast movement in combination, kneeling push-ups this action classic. And compared to the ordinary push-ups, the biggest feature is the knee touch the ground, to concentrate on the upper body exercise. His hands to allow the body to maintain the same level, pay attention to the hips do not tilt, the body down the pressure when the chest close to the ground as far as possible, while the ground around the abdomen. It is demanding for the power, shaping the arm is also helpful, so close to the center chest. Three conditions: the initial curve of the body shown, to minimize the waist, rounded hips will have strong core areas: the waist, hip action explanation: flat on his arms and shoulder width, were made to the extreme left and right reversed. With regular breathing, and in the limit and maintain the position for 3 seconds. This action is very simple, long-term adherence can reduce the waistline. Side by side with his back legs or back, left leg bent back and hooked back lifted his left foot, two-arm, left foot back on both sides of Rotary back, looked back straight and chest, tighten the muscles of the hips and waist for 10 seconds minutes, start recovery action to recover for his right leg left leg control, alternating Repeat 3 times. Four conditions: elimination of a small pot belly grow quietly, a slight trace of abdominal core areas: the abdomen Action Commentary: lying in bed, bend her legs together trying to close the abdomen. Repeated 10 times, try to keep uniform. Make the process of adhering to the abdominal muscles a great workout the next. In addition, sit-ups is also a good way, but the two movements are more difficult, not easy to adhere. Or legs kneeling on the bed or on the ground, back down the body, hands and feet after the stays, extended upward to the abdomen, adhere to 10 seconds. This action in addition to stretching the abdominal muscles can also stretch the thigh muscles, so that the beautiful lines extending from the abdomen to the thigh. Five conditions: lines of slender legs, knees, there is no fat around the core areas: the thigh, posterior leg action explanation: a hand on the wall, one hand extended in the lateral opening, the outer leg to the front, side , followed by playing in three directions, to try to straighten the legs. Squat exercise method does not make the legs look good, because that practice may make legs look more sturdy. Leg exercise is anytime, anywhere, can sit on a chair, of course, it is best to make the chair legs and parallel to the ground, the foot first to the ground, and then to keep close to the ground before the feet, heels and try to lift up, thus provided the calf muscles to make lines of slender legs.

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